White House

Brian Bond
Activist and Government Official
2016 Icon
James Buchanan
U.S. President
2016 Icon
Dan Choi
2011 Icon
Midge Costanza
Presidential Adviser
2016 Icon
Carlos Elizondo
White House Social Secretary
2021 Icon
Sharon Farmer
White House Photographer
2010 Icon
Bob Hattoy
Gay Rights Pioneer
2021 Icon
Karine Jean-Pierre
White House Press Secretary
2021 Icon
Frank Kameny
Gay Pioneer
2007 Icon
Katherine Miller
2012 Icon
Elaine Noble
2015 Icon
James Obergefell
Marriage Equality Hero
2016 Icon
Jean O’Leary
Pioneering Activist
2016 Icon
Megan Smith
U.S. Chief Technology Officer
2020 Icon
Wanda Sykes
Comedian, Actor
2011 Icon
Bruce Voeller
Biologist and AIDS Activist
2016 Icon
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