Abuse Survivor

Josephine Baker
Singer and Actor
2016 Icon
Djuna Barnes
2013 Icon
Charles Blow
Journalist and Commentator
2016 Icon
Chasten Buttigieg
LGBT Activist
2023 Icon
Lee Daniels
Movie Director
2014 Icon
Ashley Diamond
Transgender Prison Activist
2021 Icon
Alice Dunbar-Nelson
Author & Activist
2021 Icon
Felicia Elizondo
Transgender Activist & Author
2020 Icon
Roxane Gay
Best-Selling Author
2023 Icon
LZ Granderson
Journalist & Commentator
2021 Icon
Billy Haines
2012 Icon
E. Lynn Harris
2010 Icon
Harry Hay
2009 Icon
Kevin Jennings
2010 Icon
Diana Nyad
Long-distance Swimmer
2016 Icon
Mary Oliver
Pulitzer-Winning Poet
2020 Icon
Pat Parker
Poet & Activist
2024 Icon
Johnnie Phelps
Decorated WWII Veteran
2021 Icon
Billy Porter
Award-Winning Broadway Actor
2020 Icon
Little Richard
Rock & Roll Pioneer
2021 Icon
André Leon Talley
Fashion Journalist
2023 Icon
Laxmi Narayan Tripathi
Indian Transgender Rights Activist
2020 Icon
Virginia Woolf
2011 Icon
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