LGBT Rights

Nikolay Alexeyev
Russian Activist
2020 Icon
Ninia Baehr & Genora Dancel
Marriage Equality Pioneers
2022 Icon
Matt Bomer
2022 Icon
Kate Brown
Governor of Oregon
2022 Icon
Angie Craig
Groundbreaking Congresswoman
2020 Icon
Menaka Guruswamy & Arundhati Katju
Indian LGBTQ Rights Lawyers
2020 Icon
Jazz Jennings
Transgender Youth Activist
2022 Icon
Masha Gessen
Russian-American journalist
2022 Icon
David Mixner
Political Activist
2020 Icon
J. Paul Oetken
First Out Male Federal Judge
2022 Icon
Jared Polis
Governor of Colorado
2019 Icon
Shannon Minter
Transgender Supreme Court Attorney
2021 Icon
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